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Dead Wood Removal in Surrey and Kent

Dead Wooding (also known as Crown Cleaning) is the removal of unsightly and in some cases dangerous dead wood or decaying timber.The process of removing these dying, dead or diseased branches throughout the trees crown improves both the trees safety and overall appearance.
If the deadwood is left untreated, rot can quickly spread leading to fungus issues which can affect the overall health of the tree.Smith & Goddard can offer a dead wood removal service to clear out all dead or dying branches from a tree, leaving the tree healthier and safer.


Can dead wood be a danger?


Yes, in windy conditions, or simply over time it is likely that deadwood can fall from a trees canopy without warning. By having this removed, the danger is significantly reduced.

Our dead wooding service covers the counties of Surrey and Kent including towns Caterham, Woldingham, Coulsdon, Oxted and Purley.