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Formative Tree Pruning in Surrey and Kent

The saying “a stitch in time saves nine” comes to mind… pruning a tree in its formative years for correct branch structure can ultimately prolong its life and provide a more aesthetic shape to its canopy.

Many trees will naturally form their adult shape as they grow, however some species and depending on the circumstances in which the tree is growing may require encouragement to create a clear trunk and a well-spaced canopy of branches. It is worth regularly checking the growth of young trees and carry out formative pruning as required.

What is formative pruning?

Formative pruning is the process of shaping a tree when it is young.

How to prune a young apple or pear tree?

Young apple and pear trees need good formative pruning to establish productive trees with a balanced branch system. Taking the time to prune these fruit trees in the early years should lead to establishing good growth and reducing problems later on.

Do hedges need formative pruning?

After planting a new hedge they will require formative pruning for their first couple of years to ensure good growth structure.

Our formative pruning service covers the counties of Surrey and Kent including towns Caterham, Woldingham, Coulsdon, Oxted and Purley.