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Hedging in Surrey and Kent

The upkeep and maintenance of hedges is important to create a consistent and uniform look throughout the hedge line. Depending on the species of hedge and type of styling required we would recommend trimming it between once and three times per year.

Smith & Goddard can provide a complete hedge maintenance, hedge reduction and hedge replanting service throughout the year.

How often should my hedges be trimmed?

We would recommend hedge trimming to be carried out once a year, to maintain shape and structure, however depending on the hedge a more frequent routine may be needed.

How can I thicken a thin hedge?

Proper hedge trimming and pruning is the key to growing a thick hedge. Pruning allows sunlight to reach the lower branches and the inside of the plant to encourage a thicker growth.

What trees or shrubs are good for creating privacy?

To create privacy on your property, boxwood and privet provide effective and attractive hedges which grow quickly. Smith & Goddard can help you choose the right variety of tree or shrub for your property, considering the environment the hedge will be growing.

Our hedge trimming and pruning service covers the counties of Surrey and Kent including towns Caterham, Woldingham, Coulsdon, Oxted and Purley.