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Tree Planting in Surrey and Kent

It is often better to spend your budget on carefully chosen (site specific) quality plants rather than have expensive planting scheme designs made. The most important considerations when planting new trees and shrubs are root health, weather, soil conditions and aftercare.

If we’re on site for other work please feel free to chat to our knowledgeable team as we may be able to help with plant supply and design.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

It is very much dependent on the species of the tree, however as a guide the best seasons to plant new trees is either early spring or autumn (ideally before mid-October) . Its best to avoid planting just as the trees are breaking bud and generating soft new growth.

How should I care for my newly planted tree?

It is important to water your newly planted trees and shrubs. Drought stress is a common problem, even in cool, wet summers, the rain doesn’t necessarily replenish the soils moisture, therefore the soil could be dry around the roots. Dry, windy conditions are especially going to lead to a loss of moisture.

When planting a tree at home, before planting it is beneficial to soak the bare-rooted trees or shrubs for about 30 minutes in water.

Our tree planting service covers the counties of Surrey and Kent including towns Caterham, Woldingham, Coulsdon, Oxted and Purley.