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Tree Services – Surrey & Kent

We offer tree services in and around Caterham, Surrey & Edenbridge, Kent.

Felling & Dismantling

Removing and, or, sectional dismantling of trees using rigging equipment (if necessary) to avoid damage to property.

Storm Damage

Remedial pruning / felling of dangerous and damaged trees.


Fine hedging maintenance through to chainsaw height, width reductions and replanting.

Canopy Reduction

Reducing the ‘sail area’ (height and or spread as required) of the trees canopy to reduce storm risk and/or to obtain more light through thinning.

Formative Pruning

Selective pruning to create correct branch and canopy structure.

Vegetation Clearance

Reclaiming ‘urban jungles’ and development sites.

Dead Wooding

Removing any dangerous and unsightly dead wood within the canopy

Cable Bracing

Non-invasive bracing of problem trees to mitigate danger and liability.

Planting Schemes

Replanting specimen trees and planting for Autumn colour, screening, Spring blossom, staking, mulching and labelling (as required).

Chainsaw Log Milling

Planking trunk wood on site.

Wood Chip

For delivery.

Stump Grinding

Removal of the tree stump